英会話スキルを上げたいなら話すしかない、すなわち特訓あるべし!!! Podcastや英会話喫茶を使いながら特訓をしています。

Welcome to my blog! Please make yourself comfortable.

To improve English conversation skill, repeated speaking is needed!

I usually practice doing with podcast programs and English cafe.

By the way, I love Kobe!!! I recommend you should visit there once at least.

I'm always looking forward to hearing from you!

Author: MASA

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My work have been delayed. Although I had to write a paper, I didn't hit on the idea of rest of the paper.

My progress was about fifty percent. I have to work hard!
I slept like a log because I had felt run-down yesterday.

Since I hiked to a top of the mountain, I have muscle ache today.

My friends had came to my city this morning, and went back to his home just now. We met our friends who hadn't seen for a long time.

My friends and I had a great time during all day. We went to a mountain and fall. Although it was too hot today, it was so cool in the mountain.

We had eaten many kinds of special local foods. Those foods were really nice!
When I had been walking a path, I heard sound of my step. That is, there is no sounds except my step. I felt quiet silence in ambient noise.
Since I couldn't go to see my nephew, my brother took his pictures and his videos and sent me them by mobile phone.

I thought he looked like fine and I wanted to see him when I have my free time.
I got jazz music yesterday. When I write a paper, I can concentrate on writing it with jazz music.

I think that classical and jazz music is suitable for concentration because such music doesn't include any voice, only sound.
When I see pictures which I took, I remind my memory which I felt yesterday.

Traffic jam

When I went to meet my partner, I had been stuck in traffic.

Hot springs

I enjoyed a relaxing soak in the hot spring.

A landscape

A landscape from the rooftop was cool!

We had a great time today. I believe that our day trip will be our impressive memory for our life.

By the way, I'm being in a parking area on a highway. After taking a nap, I'll need to drive to my home.

See you!
I'm going to drive to sea tomorrow. My partner and I are going to swim in the ocean, and take hot springs.

I'll need to wake up really early morning, and come back home in the late night. I must be tired tomorrow!
My friend came to my city today. He had visited here several times. He and I went to a large park and a mountain. We took many interesting pictures!