英会話スキルを上げたいなら話すしかない、すなわち特訓あるべし!!! Podcastや英会話喫茶を使いながら特訓をしています。

Welcome to my blog! Please make yourself comfortable.

To improve English conversation skill, repeated speaking is needed!

I usually practice doing with podcast programs and English cafe.

By the way, I love Kobe!!! I recommend you should visit there once at least.

I'm always looking forward to hearing from you!

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I finished reading a book that I bought yeasterday. I'll introduce a brief story of "The Fjord murder".

posted with amazlet on 06.05.12
スティーヴン スペイト Stephen Speight
アイビーシーパブリッシング (2005/07)
売り上げランキング: 134,944
おすすめ度の平均: 5
5 レベルに合わせて
5 最高の英語テキスト

One day, a man pushed his wife on a narrow path. She fell down past the rock and into the water. There was a river bottom of a cliff.

He tied his heavy camera bag round her, so she never came up. He looked around the path, but there was no person at all. That was seemed perfect murder.

However, there were two children in the small boat on the river. The murderer didn't know the fact witnesses were here. They got a clue. And then, they found more clues.

And then, to catch murderer, young detectives found more clues without any help of polices. This is a story of their adventure.

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Gosh! You must loved it after reading that book! I'm proud of you Masu sama! ^^

[ Nam Nam ] 2006/04/17 6:50:41

Thanks a lot! Have you ever read English book? I love detective stories. So interesting!

[ MASA ] 2006/04/17 20:34:39

i do read English book, like Harry Potter! lol ^^

[ Nam Nam ] 2006/04/18 3:48:06

Oh, you like Harry Potter series, don't you?

Many people like it. I have to admit, I've never watch their movies.

I want to be able to read long stories.

[ MASA ] 2006/04/18 5:02:24

I really like the first, third and the fourth ones!! They were adorable when they were little!! ^^

[ Nam Nam ] 2006/04/18 7:02:12

Oh, isn't second one in your favorite?

As time passes, they have grown up!

[ MASA ] 2006/04/18 15:32:42

Actually, i do like the book but the film... it's not the best as you can see in the second film, it's still remind me of the first one. The third and the fourth are more advanced... I have seen it and it's made the difference. It blew me away! :)

[ Nam Nam ] 2006/04/18 16:07:36


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