英会話スキルを上げたいなら話すしかない、すなわち特訓あるべし!!! Podcastや英会話喫茶を使いながら特訓をしています。

Welcome to my blog! Please make yourself comfortable.

To improve English conversation skill, repeated speaking is needed!

I usually practice doing with podcast programs and English cafe.

By the way, I love Kobe!!! I recommend you should visit there once at least.

I'm always looking forward to hearing from you!

Author: MASA

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I'll go to my home town, Tokyo, by Shinkansen.

During homecoming, I'll see my friends every day. And I need to meet my father, oops.

I must write a paper until the end of August.

I need to describe my contribution, achievement, and so on in the paper.

Hang in there!
I rose late today...

Hmm, do I have no willpower?

Hang in there!
I usually teach mathematics and information science to a student in this season, that is an exam season.

Of course, it's too easy for me because these are my major. However, it's too difficult for the student, so I need to teach concisely.
Next week, I'll go to family home. I'm going to see my best friends. Yeah!
I hate bugs!

Bugs means, of course, actual insects, worms, and so on.

Moreover, bugs means a programming code that causes crutial error.

Get away from me!
I have done my presentation today. I'm so tired.

Perhaps I made a good job of questions and answers. Was my skill improved?
I'll need to do presentation tomorrow. So, I made a recording of my voice. I'm going to practice repeating after myself tonight!
It was heavy rain also today. The real summer will come soon. I love summer!
In the final day of consecutive holidays, which was namded Marine Day, I had puttered over my work. I felt easy today.
My friends and I had a good time for our day trip. We went to go hiking to a mountain, but it was rain unfortunately.

We had delicious foods!
I saw a traffic accident today. It happend in front of my eyes. I was really surprised.

Take care!
Do you have any plan this consecutive holidays?

I'll meet my friend on the first day, and go hiking on the second day.

Today I had been under the sun also. Time of our work was over 10 hours. We used special equipments, and we ran the measurement. Everyone was tired...
I had been under the sun during daylight today. That was too hot! Furthermore, it had been rainy... That was too muggy!
Do I have no motivation? Do I have no future plan? Do I have no strategy?

I can't answer these questions at all.
I gave Japanese tea today. I like to drink hot tea in summer.
I smartened up my car today. It had been hot during the daytime. I got much sweat...

After rainy season, I'll wash my car!
I want to go to sea this year. Although I also wanted to do last year, I wasn't able to do...

I decided a place which I'll go. That's so beautiful and clean place.
Recently I've coached a student of master candidate. Today this student presented our research in a seminar.

I'm tired...
I met one of my best friends today. I called him this morning, then he came to my dormitory this evening.

We were talking about a relationship, which are problems between lovers and married couples. We realized these were serious problems in our life.
I can hardly wait for next saturday. I'll go driving to my favorite city!
I hate an air-conditioner.

Cool and artificial wind makes me wrong.

I don't need it!
My friends and I went to a barbecue at yakiniku restaurant. We enjoyed talking, eating much beef.
I went on a drive in tonight. I felt great!
I hadn't visited a rental video shop for a long time. I went to nearest video shop, and I checked some interesting DVDs. I didn't rent any DVDs today, but I'll do some of them.
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