英会話スキルを上げたいなら話すしかない、すなわち特訓あるべし!!! Podcastや英会話喫茶を使いながら特訓をしています。

Welcome to my blog! Please make yourself comfortable.

To improve English conversation skill, repeated speaking is needed!

I usually practice doing with podcast programs and English cafe.

By the way, I love Kobe!!! I recommend you should visit there once at least.

I'm always looking forward to hearing from you!

Author: MASA

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A half year has already passed. How do you do in this year?

Our body need water. The heat draw the source of life from the body.

Folks, take enough water!
I'm interested in many new movies, so I want to go to a theater. However, my partner is too busy, so we can't go there...
I have difficulty at work. I have too much anxiety and distress.
I've been refreshed gradually.

Hang in there!
I have organized my files in my computer. That's too many, so I need time more and more.
Today, the sun was very very strong. It was fine day, but it was hot day.

It was like sauna in my car. That's too dangerous, I thought.
New member joined us, so a welcome party was held today. I had been drinking liquor, and I had a good time.
My sleep time is irregular. I sleep a half day at one time, or I sleep just few hours.

I want to be a regular person who can sleep 6 hours every day.
I don't want to have any stress. The stress bothers me...
During the summer, I want to go to beach, mountain, amusement park, cinema, pool, and so on. Am I greedy? Of course not!
Yesterday I bought "DEATH NOTE", and then I had read through them.

How fun! I want the final which will be came out next month.
I bought 11 comics named "DEATH NOTE". After now, I'll read them. I love this author, so I must be going to love this comic.
An interesting movie was came out yesterday. The name is "DEATH NOTE". This movie was originated from a comic.

Today, I read number 1 and 2. The final number 12 will be published next month.

I'll go watching the movie.
Today, my mother called me. I was talking with her by video phone.

I watched running dogs who were our pets. They were looking forward to me because I called their name.

I thought that recent mobile phone was so useful.
Recently the weather has often changed. It has been hot until yesterday, while it was cold today.

Folks, take care!
I ordered a fan which was driven with batteries and solar power. I'll use it in my car every day.

I hope that I'll get it as soon as possible.
I guess that Brazil will get victory in the world cup.

I have to admit, I think Japan will be defeated by every team. However, I want all players to do their best.
I'm not usually watch a soccer game, but I've watched TV several times in this season.

A half hour later, the match of Japan will be started in the world cup.
I went to the English cafe. I haven't been there for a month. I tried to go there again and again, but I had have many jobs...

Today, a first anniversary was held in English cafe. Many staffs and customers came there. I had a good time.

I want to go there many times in this month.
I watched fireflies. Many lighting bugs flied on a rice paddy.
I posted my diary yesterday, but it wasn’t updated.

Hmm, my networks and servers have been wrong recently.
My recent dietary life hasn’t been orderly.

I have to change in my eating habits.
My network environment was restored. I had not been able to connect Internet for a long time.

I'm interestead in a rechargeable battery named "eneloop".

I want to use a portable fan in my car, but many batteries are needed.

It might save my money.
My network environment has been wrong. Today, I can't connect to Internet at all.
I'm so sorry, folks. Recently, I couldn't reply your comments at all.

I ensure that I'll reply every comments after I'll be refreshed.
Generally, summer starts after the rainy season ends in Japan. However, in this year, the season which likes summer has already started. Forecasters said that the rainy season will come next week.

I want to go to sea in real summer.
I've been really dipressed. I don't know why I feel so.

Now, I'm drinking Japanese sake.
I'm in a cafe now. The mobile phone which my partner had lost was found.

I drove to a theater, and then I got the mobile phone. After that, I went to a book store, and I bought a magazine.

I'm reading the magazine, drinking a cup of tea with milk. That tastes nice.
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