英会話スキルを上げたいなら話すしかない、すなわち特訓あるべし!!! Podcastや英会話喫茶を使いながら特訓をしています。

Welcome to my blog! Please make yourself comfortable.

To improve English conversation skill, repeated speaking is needed!

I usually practice doing with podcast programs and English cafe.

By the way, I love Kobe!!! I recommend you should visit there once at least.

I'm always looking forward to hearing from you!

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I felt a little loneliness.

Hmm, I want to enjoy having a chat.
I rarely work on my day off.

However, I'll need to work on this weekend.

Hang in there!
It is the last day in August today.

Summer ends, and then Autumn comes.
I met my friends who hadn't seen for three and half years. He visited my city with his friend. I had seen his friend once in 1999. I remembered his name, but forgot his face a little.
A printer which my mother had used was broken. The maker, however, has recalled our printer. We don't need to buy new one.
A drunken driver hit a car and ran away. The knocked car fell in the river. The height from the river was more than 10 meters. Three children and their parents were in the tumbled car.

The parents got out of the car without assistance, but the children couldn't. The mother dove in the river again and again, and she was able to catch two children. The last child with the car sank in the river.

Eventually, all children died. The foolish driver killed three little children. No one can accept this horrible accident.
I want a headphone, named "Quiet Comfort (QC)" series made by Bose.

It eliminates noise and makes us comfortable though it is too expensive.

I used QC2 in Bose shop today. I wanted to buy it, but I also wanted to use QC3. I asked a clerk when it will go on sale, then he told me that it will be put out at the beginning of October.

I'll buy the headphone in October!
I came back home yesterday. I'd have a great time during our trip.

My friends and I had visited many World Herigate sites. I had a lot of amazing experiences.
I'm writing the paper now. Hmm...

I have no time to write my diary today...